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    The SWAT VECTOR CP (chisel point) TURKEY is constructed of the same materials as all SWAT Broadheads.  The ferrule is constructed of 7075-T6 (7 series) aluminum stronger and lighter than titanium. The HARDENED STEEL CHISEL POINT splits bone and has been tested on steel plate. The 4 mechanical blades are constructed of 420 SS.  The SWAT Vector is FULLY MICRO ADJUSTABLE for cutting diameter and blade angle from 1"-1.75". **VECTOR TURKEY HAS ALMOST A 90 DEGREE BLADE ANGLE FOR BIRD STOPPING POWER AT THE LARGEST CUT** ALSO OLIVE DRAB FERRULE. Just set the blade angle stop collar to the setting you desire.  Now the hunter can tune their broadhead to the KE of their set up or the size of the game you hunt with one broadhead.  Just dial the collar and set the cutting diameter and blade angle to your desired setting.

    PAT# 10,837,742

    micro-adjust cutting diameter and blade angle from 1"-1.75” in 2 directions