R.R.A.D. specializes in revolutionary archery designs.  The mission of R.R.A.D. is to design and build products that will provide a higher success rate for bowhunters.  All products will be designed with quality first, not cost savings.  As a Veteran Owned company we will exhaust every effort to buy materials, manufacture, and assemble all products in the USA. 

  With thirty five years of bow hunting experience, over twenty years as a professional archer, and as a mechanical engineer I designed: Superior Whitetail Assassin Technology (SWAT) Broadheads are the supreme broadhead designed for durability, straightness, maximum penetration with a devastating wound channel and unbelievable blood trail.  The Model A4 optimizes radial surface to contain blades on 4 axis.  The chisel point strength 440C stainless steel X-OUT tip blades are perpendicular and allow maximum hemorrhage in a tip blade. As the broadhead impacts the animal the impact blades open to a 2+ inch cutting diameter and when the broadhead enters the rib cage the secondary cutting blades open for an additional 1.75 inch cutting diameter through the vital organs and exit wound.  This Broadhead still achieves maximum penetration because it does not have to overcome metal or plastic clips to release the blades.  The amount of force required to cut through a tight band with a razor blade is all it takes to release the blades.  The secondary blades do not open until they enter soft tissue (heart/lungs) and the energy conserved provides a massive exit wound. 

  After years of hunting mature animals that have a desire to survive and an unwillingness to go down easy the SWAT Broadhead was designed to hunt all large game animals to provide a quick death and massive blood trail.  In testing one hunting guide stated: "Oh my gosh look at the blood I've never seen anything like it". 

  As a hunter you spend hours in a treestand or days hiking through the mountains to get the shot of a lifetime.  You haven't shot your bow in days, your cold, tired, full of adrenaline and your hoping your broadhead takes down the animal of your dreams with one shot.  After you shoot you replay the shot over and over in your head and think I hit a little low, back, high, or forward.  You find your arrow with very little blood or a large amount of blood for a short distance that stops.  This is the description of the "Parallel Wound".  Imagine a two blade broadhead design that hits parallel to a vital organ like a two blade entry that hits just below the heart in a horizontal plane.  You just missed the heart by a small margin.  With the SWAT Broadhead you cut through the heart and find your animal after you see the blood spray and watch your animal go down.  

  If you spend your hard earned money, train all year, and feel the desire to hunt to the extreme then the SWAT Broadhead was designed for you.