• SWAT Ballistic 7 Series 4 Blade Broadhead 100 Grain 3 Pack

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    SWAT Ballistic 7 Series Broadhead is design to be the most aerodynamic broadhead ever developed.  Using the SWAT Broadhead Parabolic Shape and Multi Axis Cutting Technology the Ballistic provides 100grains of field point Accuracy at unlimited speeds.  ***The SWAT BALLISTIC CAN ALSO BE CONVERTED TO 125 GRAINS WITH THE SWAT W25 WEIGHTS*** The SWAT Ballistic is built with the same material and tolerance standards as all SWAT Broadheads-Ferrule Constructed of 7075-T6 Aluminum (If your head is built of 6061 its disposable.  Shoot 7075-T6 aluminum broadheads and they are re-usable!) 440C Tip Blades are Perpendicular and on a different axis than the 420ss Mechanical Blades for 8 cutting edges on 4 axis.  The Ballistic is guaranteed straight and sharp (hand sharpened by Veterans with SWATs new custom sharpening technique).  We designed the Ballistic Broadhead to be the #1 over the top head design on the market and REDUCED THE COST by cutting machine time in HALF!  Shoot SWAT Broadheads and DRAIN YOUR GAME!