• SWAT A4 100 Grain 7 Series 3 Pack

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    The Model A4 is the most advanced mechanical broadhead on the market.  On impact the A4 cuts a devastating hole of 2 inches which opens the hide and allows easy penetration of the secondary internal cutting blades.  At the entry of the rib cage the secondary 1.75" cutting blades open which changes the shape of the two blade entry to an extremely massive wound channel through the vital organs.  As the A4 leaves the animal it exits with a 4 blade exit wound that can only be described as maximum carnage.  Penetration and extreme hemorrhage is achieved with the chisel point strength 440C Stainless Steel X-OUT tip and cutting action of all blades in 4 AXIS design.  The frame is constructed of 7075-T6 Aluminum 1.5 times stronger than 6061.  The extra strength of the 7075-T6 frame maximizes durability for multiple kills.  All mechanical blades are constructed of 420 Stainless Steel and hardened for extreme use.   RATED UNLIMITED SPEEDS!  PATENT #'S 10,619,982     10,082,373