• X4 3 Pack 90/100 Grains Adjustable 7 Series

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    X Marks the Spot!  The X4 is designed to provide an extremely compact head that will mark your spot with an X totaling a 2 inch impact cut and will rapidly expand inside the chest cavity to allow MAX penetration and MAX Hemorrhage.  The 3" X Shaped wound channel and exit wound provides complete devastation and maximum carnage.  This head is built of the finest/strongest materials for multiple uses and has proven to Drain Your Game!    

    1" Two Directions X-CUT Totaling  2" Entry Hole
    1.5" Two Directions X-CUT Internal and Exit Cut Totaling 3" Exit
    440C Stainless Steal X-OUT Tip Blades
    420 SS Mechanical Blades
    4 Axis Cutting Totaling 8 Cutting Edges
    7075-T6 Ferrule 2X's Stronger than most competitors for multiple kills
    90/100 Grains
    Crossbow Approved (Back Levers will not hit the Bolt or Arrow)
    Field Point Accurate
    Guaranteed Straight
    Extremely Devastating