• C4 3 PACK 85/100 Grain Adjustable 7 Series

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    Shoot low profile vanes whisper quiet in flight with extreme accuracy.  On impact create a devastating internal explosion with the C4 Mechanical Broadhead.  Small, compact, maximum penetration.  Shipped in 100 grains remove the collars and reduce the weight to 85 grains.  The frame is constructed of 7075-T6 (twice as strong as the average mechanical head for multiple kills) the C4 cuts 1.5+ in two directions when deployed for a 4 blade exit wound.  The chisel point strength 440C stainless steel X-OUT tip and mechanical blades are all on a different axis for maximum hemorrhage and internal wound channel damage.  The mechanical blades are constructed of 420 SS and this head has been tested at over 425fps.